Age: 20

Ville natale: Lyon, France
Taille: 6’1
Poids: 185lbs

Allonge: 75” 

Zain Ouadah est né à Toulouse un 17 septembre 1999. Il grandit à Lyon et découvre la boxe très jeune à Bron.

 "He has a build that people marvel at even at the highest levels. He is a natural athlete and a thinker. His Father and Uncle who are two of the most successful amateur coaches in the nation train him. Combined with this remarkable pedigree is the personality of Zain Ouadah. The man has “it”. In the parlance of old baseball scouts he has “good face”. What I mean by this is you can walk into any tournament in the World, scout the room, and instantly you will know that man is the best there, even before you see him step in the ring" - Riddick Bowe